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The Santa Maria Valley Open Space mission is to establish public trails in a natural setting for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding that will allow passive and spontaneous access and to serve the Santa Maria Valley and surrounding areas.

Orcutt Hill Trails (Orcutt Community Park)
Trailhead maps are posted at the Park, at Bradley, Orcutt Hill, and Stubblefield and there will soon be one at the Black Oak connector by Stillwell. A copy of the trail map can be downloaded from our website (below). It's always a good idea to take a picture of the trailhead map with your phone when hiking a new trail.

Please keep in mind, this open space has been secured by Santa Barbara County for the residents to use in a responsible manner. We must always respect the rights and privacy of the property owners that are adjacent to the 306 acres of open space. Look at the maps and make sure you stay on the trails and off private property. Our core values state that we should always respect property rights and other land uses. Let's be good neighbors by respecting their property and fences, keeping trailheads clean and being polite when we meet them or if they have questions. If you see someone stray onto private property, politely let them know.

The trails are open to hikers, bikers, dogs, and horses. Please observe the right of ways and courtesies posted at the trailhead. Please keep the gates closed. We have about 35 head of cattle on the Orcutt Hill open space, and while we have not seen any near Bradley recently they can show up at anytime.

Honorary Lifetime Members Named
We have been very fortunate to have some great people helping us get trails open. The board decided to offer honorary memberships to them. Take a look at who they are here.

Orcutt Hill Trail Map Low Detail (VIEW) (PRINT 8.5"x11")

Rice Ranch Map
Orcutt Hill Trail Map High Detail (VIEW) (PRINT 8.5"x11")

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